Paperwork &
time management

Do you have piles of unopened post? Are you always late for things because you forget about them until the last minute? Or do you just find it difficult fitting your life admin around your job or childcare?

If you would like help organising this part of your life, you can book your free introductory 30 minute Skype consultation now.


Making the most of your time

With competing demands on our diaries, the free time we do get is precious. Who wants to spend their evenings and weekends doing life admin, when they could be out enjoying themselves? Sometimes it isn’t even possible to cross things off our to-do-list because appointments are only available during the day, or the Post Office closes early at weekends.

We can soon become overwhelmed by the number of things we feel we need to get done. But our productivity levels often drop when we feel this way, so our to-do-lists continue to grow and we feel increasingly disheartened about our lack of achievement.

We can take the emotional burden out of life admin by organising our paperwork and digital records in a simple, logical way. We can then implement systems to easily deal with life admin on a daily, or weekly, basis so that we can stay on top of things.

By building time into our routine to complete these tasks, we can actually give ourselves more free time to do the things we enjoy.

Whatever our needs, we can complete our life admin in a way which makes it easier to live our life. A well organised diary also brings a sense of calm to our daily routine and can help to boost our wellbeing.