Business & charity support

Do you want to spend more time developing your business or charity, instead of running it? Maybe you’re great at the creative stuff, but don’t enjoy the administrative side of things? Or do you just need a helping hand keeping on top of paperwork?

If you would like help organising your business or charity, you can book your free introductory 30 minute Skype consultation now.


Saving you time to make money

Running a business or charity can be time consuming, and it can be difficult to get the right balance between developing your organisation and actually running it. You want to give your clients the best possible service, but you also have a mountain of paperwork you need to complete first. Both are equally important to the future of your organisation, but which do you prioritise?

We all have different skills, and some people just aren’t as confident at, or don’t enjoy the administrative side of running a business or charity.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done, or by things which are outside of our comfort zone. Productivity levels often drop when we feel this way, so the to-do-list continues to grow and we feel increasingly frustrated about the lack of progress.

How I can help you

I offer a range of services to provide you with straightforward administrative and time management support, including:

  • workspace organisation;

  • implementing and maintaining record-keeping systems;

  • completing paperwork;

  • bespoke research projects; and

  • many other virtual assistant services.

Helping you to help others

Whether you could use an extra hand completing a one-off project, or need ongoing support, I can help you to stay on top of things. My aim is to leave you with more time to focus on generating and completing client-facing work.

Whatever your needs, I can help you to organise your business or charity in a way which makes it easier to run your organisation and live your life.